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2003 Nebraska Husker Football Ticket Information and exchange

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  Nebraska Husker football ticket information and exchange at Sharkfeet. If you have Huskers tickets for sale or if your in need of Nebraska football tickets you can post your ticket info here for free. Tell us what game you want tickets to and Nebraska football ticket holders can contact you directly. All posts must contain a valid e-mail address or a phone number so you can be contacted. Include all relevant information. All corespondence and purchases are direct between buyer and seller. Sharkfeet takes no part in ticket transactions, we merely provide a place for you to advertise your tickets for sale or ticket needs for free. Any transactions you enter into or take part in are done at your own risk, so do so wisely. We recommend thorough inspection and verification of authenticity, and proper dates of any available tickets prior to the exchange of money. Sharkfeet reserves the right to deny posting any requests to sell or buy tickets, for any  reason. Sharkfeet assumes no role in negotiations or sales and is not liable for damages or loss resulting from same.Good Luck!

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University of Nebraska Ticket Office:
For ticket information: In Nebraska:call (402) 472-3111
Outside of Nebraska:call 1-800-8-BigRed

Ticket Office Mailing Adress
University of Nebraska Athletic Ticket Office 
P.O. Box 82848 
Lincoln, NE 68501 

2003 Husker football tickets Memorial Stadium Lincoln,Nebraska


SEATING-view seating chart and seat view of Memorial Stadium.


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Getting ready for 2003 post your tickets for sale here for free!

I have 8 seats together on the sideline for this game in Columbia on October 11.   I will either sell as a block, by pairs or trade for tickets to home games in Lincoln.  Please respond to:

I have 2 UNL season tickets for sale.  They are in Section 38, Row 40, North Stadium, aisle seats.  I paid $600 and I'm asking $900.  Anyone interested? 

In Need Of Tickets

Need 2 or more tickets to the Texas game in Austin.

I need 6 tickets for the Nebraska VS Iowa State Game!

Brandon D Larson
Reverse Mortgage Consultant
Phone: 952-841-1598
Cell: 651-341-3948
Fax: 952-896-9930

 I am in need of two tickets to any of Nebraska s home games. I my self have been to many games in Lincoln but my son how ever has never been to one. If you can help me out, email me at

I am looking for 4 tickets together for any 2003 home games in Lincoln, NE. It does not matter which home game, but would prefer reasonably good seats. If you have tickets you would like to sale please email me at  or call me at 402-274-3958. Thanks,

Paul Nordmeier
Work Phone: (402)825-5093
Home Phone: (402)274-3958

I would like to purchase 2 decent tickets to the NU v Texas A&M to be played in Lincoln, Ne. on October 18, 2003Please send info to:

Out of state fan will pay to see any game this year.  Would like 2 good seats if available!  Thanks!

I am looking for 3 or 4 football tickets to any game for me and my husband
to take out two boys to.  Please let me know if you would like to sell us
some at    Thanks!

My brother in law is a huge Husker fan and is coming from Canada. I am in need of 2 Tickets to the Nebraska vs Texas game Oct 18. No preference for seating. Any tickets would be great! Ryan McVey

I live in Alabama and am interested in 2 tickets to the nebraska at southern miss game.
Please email me at or call 334-745-0835 and ask for Chad.

I'm looking for 9 tickets to the Husker-Kansas State game on November 15th.  We'd like them together but would consider otherwise.

Would be interested in purchasing 2 to 6 tickets for the NE vs. MO football
game on October 11, 2003.  Please contact me at

I am looking for 2 tickets to the Iowa State, Texas A&M, or Troy State games.  Email  Thanks.

I am looking for two-four seats together for the Nebraksa-K-State game on November 15th.  This is my b-day and want to give myself a great present.  Please email me at

WANTED: 2 K State tickets.  Contact me at

We are in need of 3 tickets to the Oct 18th Husker/Texas A&M game.  Our family just moved here from Texas and my son definately wants to GO to the Game!  Please email if you can help!  Thanks!!

Need two tickets to the Texas A&M Game on the 18th.  Please send info to or  Thank you

We are looking for 2-4 tickets to the Husker vs. Kansas State game in October.  Our email address is  or telephone: (402) 643-9794.  Thanks


Wanted:  2-4 tickets to Nebraska vs. Kansas State game on 11/15/03.  Any seats would be great. 
Contact Rick: or 785-342-9990

Nebraska vs. Texas A&M tickets needed.  I am looking for 4-5 tickets to the Texas A&M game on October 18.  I will buy or consider a trade for Texas A&M vs. Texas tickets (Kyle Field, November 28).  Please email me at  Thanks.








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We do not charge for this service but if you would like to donate any tickets to this sites webmaster feel free to do so any time for any game.We will gladly accept them in any quantity to any game in any seat.Did i mention any game is fine.

Thank you!