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I will exchange links with other sites that contain similar or relevant content.This does not neccesarily mean you have to have a Husker Football site but it should be of content related in some way to football,college or pro,or be related in some manner.Husker sites and fan pages of the Cornhuskers are always welcome.You may want to check my Huge Husker Links page if you have a Husker site and see if you are currently listed .If you are already listed we would still appreciate a reciprocal link back to Sharkfeet ,although it is not required .



Please select a banner ,save it to your hard drive or server and link to: For the 468x60 banners you can copy the code under the banner you select and paste it into your html document adding the files location into the code.Then simply contact me with your url,and our banner location at your website,as well as your link info if you want your site listed at Sharkfeet.We look forward to exchanging  links or banners with you so we can both benefit with increased traffic. Thanks!

Contact Garry at Sharkfeet after linking to our site.Please include your site information,a description you want posted,and a url to your banner(if exchanging banners only).

  Banner Exchange Banners

Available banners from Sharkfeet at this time are shown below.Use any banner.
Right click on banner and save to your hard drive,then insert it into your web page,
and upload the banner file to your web server.Dont forget to link it to


             88x62                           88x62                                 88x62

These are 468x60 banners.Just copy and paste the code under the banner you want into your html document.You also must save the banner to your hard disk or web server.See example of code below if you need help.

1.This banner links to my links page

<a href="" Target="new"> <img src="(location of banner goes here)/linksbanneranimated.gif" vspace=0 hspace=0 width=468 height=60 border=0></a>


2.This banner links to my home page.

<a href="" Target="new"> <img src="(location of banner goes here)banner.gif "vspace=0 hspace=0 width=468 height=60 border=0></a>

Don't forget to e-mail me and let me know how you want your site description worded when I link to you.