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 Husker football is the pride of the University of Nebraska and Sharkfeet is your online guide to the Huskers. Nebraska football news, information, and statistics as well as Cornhusker history,  schedule, roster, depth chart, pictures, and  links to other Husker websites. "Sharkfeet's Huge Husker Football Links Page"  is a one of a kind collection of Cornhusker football fan, media, merchandise, alumni, Bowl, and University sites. Anything Nebraska football. 

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Huskers add Pigskin Classic in 2001

   The Nebraska Cornhuskers will host the Pigskin Classic against TCU on August 25, 2001 at Memorial Stadium. The game will be nationally televised by ABC, and is the first Pigskin Classic for either team.

   The Pigskin Classic provides a very attractive game for our fans. While it makes for a very challenging schedule this season, the team feels it will be a benefit for our program." head coach Frank Solich said.

   The two teams have met six times in their history with Nebraska winning 5 and TCU winning 1.The horned frogs backed out of scheduled games with Nebraska in 1999 and 2000, leaving the Huskers scrambling to find last minute replacements to fill their schedule. We already know why, but paybacks are a bitch. 

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