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Nebraska Football Depth Chart  2003

Nebraska Cornhusker depth chartSharkfeet Husker Football

This is the most current available at this time. There is no official depth chart during spring football.This page is updated when updated depth charts are released by the coaches.



Split end - Wilson Thomas, Ross Pilkington, Mark LeFlore, Ben Zajicek, Tim Liley.
Left tackle - Richie Incognito, Nick Povendo, Scott Koethe.
Left guard - Mike Erickson, Junior Tagoai, Brandon Koch.
Center - John Garrison, Josh Sewell, David Kolowski.
Right guard - Wes Cody, Junior Tagoa'I, Jake Andersen.
Right tackle - Dan Vili Waldrop, Nick Povendo, Nate Kolterman.
Tight end - Aaron Golliday, Jon Bowling, Kyle Ringenberg, Matt Herian, Will Dabbert, Phil Peetz.
Quarterback - Jammal Lord, Mike Stuntz, Joe Chrisman.
Fullback - Judd Davies, Steve Kriewald, Paul Kastl, DeAntae Grixby.
I-back - Dahrran Diedrick, David Horne, Josh Davis, Cory Ross or Marques Simmons or Robin Miller.
Wingback - Troy Hassebroek, Ben Cornelsen or John Klem, Kiffen Wigert, Mike McLaughlin, Jack O'Halleran or Ryan Ommert.

incognito has been suspended for part of spring drills,no reason was given

Left rush end - Chris Kelsay or Justin Smith, Benard Thomas.
Nose tackle - Ryon Bingham, Jon Clanton, Titus Adams.
Tackle - Patrick Kabongo, LeKevin Smith.
Right rush end - Trevor Johnson or Demoine Adams, Tyler Toline.
Strongside linebacker - Scott Shanle, Ira Cooper, Gabe Fries.
Middle linebacker - Barrett Ruud, Steve Safranek, Curt Tomasevicz.
Weakside linebacker - T.J. Hollowell or Demorrio Williams, Chad Buller.
Left cornerback - Fabian Washington, Pat Ricketts, Terrell Butler.
Free safety - Josh Bullocks or Philip Bland, Jerrell Pippens.
Rover - Philip Bland, Aaron Terpening, Daniel Bullocks, Lannie Hopkins.
Right cornerback - DeJuan Groce, Lornell McPherson, Shane Siegel, Kellen Huston.



Punter - Kyle Larson, Josh Brown.
Place-kicker - Josh Brown, Dale Endorf.
Kickoffs - Josh Brown, Dale Endorf.
Holder - Joe Chrisman, Ross Pilkington.
Long snapper - John Garrison, Richie Incognito.
PAT-FG snapper - David Kolowski, John Garrison.
Punt returns - DeJuan Groce, Ben Cornelsen, Cory Ross.
Kickoff returns - Josh Davis, Marques Simmons.

* FYI *  This is an educated guess since there is no depth chart during spring football. The first official depth chart wont be out until August when practice resumes for the 2003 season.

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