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Nebraska football history Rozier,Frazier,Gill,Rodgers.

    The University of Nebraska is rich in tradition, and college football is one of the reasons why. The Huskers are 5 time national champions, twice winning back to back trophies. The Huskers enjoy the greatest following and fan support in the history of college athletics. Sharkfeet lets you look back on past coaches, players, and games.


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Awards / Records Husker awards,trophy's,and records.
History Page 2 All Time Lists, past polls, and alot more.
2001 Season Game re-caps,pictures,audio and video.
1999 Records Several 1999 record setters return in 2000.
Series Records All time won loss records vs OU,TU,OSU,KU,KSU,etc
Eric Crouch Eric Crouch became NU's 3rd Heisman winner.
All Century team Players that made the Nebraska All Century team.
NCAA All Decade Four Huskers on the All Decade Team of the 90's.
Winning Tradition The Huskers winning tradition spans over 30 years.
N.U. Bowl History Results of every Nebraska Bowl appearance.
70,71 Champs Re-caps of  Devany's back to back championships.
94,95,97 Champs Re-caps of Osbornes 3 championship seasons .
All Americans A comprehensive listing of Nebraska All Americans.
The Heisman Rogers and Rozier and every Heisman winner.
All time conference Conference champion of every season 1908 -2000
First Rounders Every Nebraska Cornhusker first round draft pick.
Devany,Bob Record,accomplishments,and bowl results.
Osborne,Tom Record,accomplishments,and Bowl results.
Blast to the Past Blast to the Past capsules.Moments in Husker History.
Big 12 standings Conference standings since the Big Twelve began.
Big 12 draftees 1999 Big Twelve players taken in the 2000 NFL draft.
J.Rodgers to Hall Rodgers inducted College Football Hall of Fame .
Pictures Sharkfeets thumbnailed Husker picture pages.
This-N-That Husker information and stories,notes and quotes.
Past Champs Every NCAA Champion from 1869 until the present.
Head Coach All time Nebraska head coaching records 1893-2000.
Memorial Stadium The history of Memorial Stadium.
Recruiting The Huskers recruiting classes 2000-2001.
Great Games Sharkfeet's Greatest Husker games .Game capsules
1971 Oklahoma The Game of the Century NU vs. OU.
1983 Season The points a minute team of 1983.Gill,Rozier,Fryar.
1995 Season Two championships in a row for Tom Osbourn
1993 Season Season Re-cap of 1993.Nebraska finished #2.
96-97-98 seasons Schedules and game results for these seasons.
1999 Huskers Game results,final polls,game and season stats.
1999 Bowl results Results of every Bowl game of the 1999 season.
2000-2001 Bowls Results of  Bowl games following the 2000 season.
2000 Fiesta Bowl Nebraska whips Tennessee, game summary.
1999 Huskers Game by Game statistics of the 1999 season.
Best team ever? Some think it was the 71 Huskers.


Bios of the greatest husker's of all time.Tommy Frazier | Johnny Rodgers | Mike Rozier | Ralph Brown | Mike Brown | Trev Alberts | Roger Craig | Tom Rathman | Dave Rimington | Grant Winstrom | Joel Makovika | Neil Smith | Zach Weigert | Kris Brown | Irving Fryer | Broderick Thomas | Rich Glover | Will Sheilds | Dean Steinkuler | Junior Miller | Jason Peter


Sharkfeet Husker Football History

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Past AP+Coaches Polls

Scoring Explosion
Turner,Mike,and Irving tore it up in 1983.


Past Seasons..

2001 Season
2000 Season
2000 Roster
2000 Stats
2000 All Bowls
2000 NCAA stats
1999 Season
1999 Stats
1999 All Bowls
94,95,97 Champs
70,71 Champs
96-97-98 seasons
1995 Huskers
1993 Season

1983 Season
1971 Huskers

NU vs Notre Dame
The Rivalry
2001 NU vs. ND
2000 NU vs. ND
1948 NU vs. ND
1973 NU vs. ND