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Husker Trivia -Test your Knowlege of Nebraska Football

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Trivia Test Number One.

1. Who is the only Nebraska Quarterback to Start in a Super Bowl game?
David Humm
Vince Farragamo
Brock Redding

2. What former Nebraska I-Back holds the freshman rushing record at UNL?
Ahman Green
Mike Rozier
Jeff Smith

3. Who holds the sophomore rushing record at UNL with 1722 yards?
Bobby Renolds
Jarvis Redwine
Lawerence Phillips

4. Who did the Huskers play in the 1994 Kickoff classic,winning 31-0?
Penn State
West Virginia

5. Which current or former Nebraska coach was a 2 time Nebraska athlete of the year,once college and once high school?
Tom Osborne
Frank Solich
Charlie McBride

6. Nebraska won the Orange Bowl and a National Championship Jan 1 1995.How many Bowl games in a row were lost prior to that season.

7. Who is the only Nebraska I-Back to have 1000 seasons as a sophomore and a junior?
Keith Jones
Roger Craig
Doug Dubose

8. In 1982 which junior I-back fumbled 13 times losing 8,while rushing for 1,060 yards.
Roger Craig
Derek Brown
Ken Clark

9. Which great Husker I-Back walked on at Nebraska after being recruited by UCLA,Texas,Florida,and Oklahoma?
Mike Rozier
I.M. Hipp
Ken Clark

10. Who was known as the we backs while sharing the starting I-back position.
I.Hipp and J.Redwine 1979
J.Redwine and R.Craig 1980
D.Brown and C.Jones 91+92

11. Which I-Back didn't gain 3000 carreer yards?
Ken Clark (1987-89)
Jeff Kinney (1969-71)
Mike Rozier (1981-83)

12. What Cornhusker was named to the All Conference team 4 times and nicknamed "train wreck" ?
Guy Chamberlin (1914-15)
Ed Weir (1923-25)
Tom Novack (1946-49)

13. Which Husker lineman didn't win the Outland Trouphy?
Dave Rimington
Dean Steinkuhler
Will Sheilds

14. Who holds the record for the most carreer sacks?
Trev Alberts
Larry Jacobsen
Grant Winstrom

15. In the 1995 Fiesta Bowl he had 165 yards and 3 TD's.
Joel Makovicka
Lawerence Phillips
Tommy Frazier

16. In 1941 Nebraska played in their first Bowl game ,losing 21-13.What Bowl was it?
Gotham Bowl
Cotton Bowl
Rose Bowl

17. In 1962 Nebraska won its first Bowl game against Miami of Florida 36-34.Which one was it?
Gotham Bowl
Cotton Bowl
Rose Bowl

18. What future NFL quarterback rushed for 2 touchdowns to defeat Nebraska 41-17 in the 1990 Fiesta Bowl?
Danny McManus
Charlie Ward
Peter Tom Willis

19. Who is the only Nebraska defensive back to return an interception for a touchdown in a bowl game?
Micheal Booker
Mike Minter
Tyrone Legett

20. What is the name of the best Husker site on the internet?
Corn Eaters R US
Ed's Husker website
Sharkfeet <----hint

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